It’s with great sadness that I learned about the passing of Damon Thibodeaux, who died of Covid on August 31st. He was only 47 years old and had spent 15 years of his life in solitary confinement for a crime he did not commit.

Thanks to the @innocenceproject, he was finally freed in 2012.
“Not only did they save my life, but they proved that I did not commit this heinous crime.”
It is unfathomable that anyone can survive such injustice and be as pleasant, soft-spoken, and sensitive as Damon.
He managed to get a commercial driver's license and was proud to be a productive part of society: “I walked out of that prison with nothing. And here I am, driving across the country, being a part of an institution that's pretty much the blood flow of the economy in this country. And that's no small feat.”

Damon was very empathetic, always concerned about others, especially fellow Exonerees: "I'm driving, and I think about the guys that have gotten out, and they're not doing as well as I am, you know? That hurts, because many of them they're struggling.”
He was trying hard to focus on the positive aspects of his life, not to complain, to be grateful.

But at times, he would get sad and pensive, especially when talking about his son and the rest of his family: “But, there's still that missing time, you think about all that you missed, and you can't get that back. You can write me a blank check and tell me to put my amount on it. There's no amount. There's nothing you can give me. That's it. You can't replace what you took from me, what you stole from me.”
Damon was a member of @witnesstoinnocence, fighting to abolish the death penalty, and shared this painful memory with me,
“While I was on death row, I was there for a couple of executions. Dobie Gillis [Williams], I knew the guy, he walked by my cell, and he didn’t walk back, you know, that sunk in. They killed him. They laid him on a table, and they killed him. Nobody should have the authority to kill somebody, especially in a system where you have innocent people in prison.”
Rest In Peace Brother