Ryan Jukes Patton
I agree with his take about the “artistic license.” U can sing about literally anything, it doesn’t make them facts. Yes, this song for sure doesn’t make him look good and can be used to attack his character, but this song will not get him put away.

Kadin Beedle
But people like craig woods are getting fed and taken care of in prison this just shows how corrupted our government is.

Nicole Wilson April
Hopefully there's no recording studio in prison so we don't have to be subjected to music as bad as this anymore .

Alex Tamimi
Anybody knows if you do something bad keep your fucking mouth shut not make a song of it but hey we are in a time of do a crime and make sure you personally record it. I mean I don’t know are people getting stupider by the day I don’t know.

Anthony Onwuna
Song can't be used in evidence!. Do you know how many rap song that are out there that have lyrics about murder? Thousands... The physical evidence has to count only
Alex Tamimi
Sherif hedayat I completely agree with you. Don’t commit a crime but but if you do don’t fucking record and put it on Facebook IG Twitter and all the other bullshit apps.
Robert Jimenez
If songs are taken into evidence then the whole rap industry would be behind bars because alot of rappers lie alot in their lyrics. This could be a landmark case for the prosecution. If allowed it jeopardizes every artist including every genre of music.


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